The Blogging Experience

This blogging challenge has been an amazing experience, teaching, helping, and learning how to write with better detail. Though sixth grade will be over soon, there will always be memories good and bad of the blogging challenge through the years. The blogging challenge has been not just something to do, but a way to learn. It makes students improve no matter what age they are. And the best part about it, is that teachers get to watch their students learn, and have fun all at the same time.

For example, pretend you don’t know how to ice skate. To get better, you have to practice more and more. But just skating around for a while is boring! So what if you play a small game of hockey. When you try to get the puck what are you doing? Skating! This is a perfect example of the student blogging challenge. No student wants to sit around and write, but if they have a chance to do fun writing activities, they can write all day.

Another reason that blogging is helpful is because of the comments. The comments help kids realize their true potential. It gives them a boost up to write something even better. It also spreads around good activity. People learn to say nice words and even to be more polite. Comments are a huge part of blogging.

Over all, there are no bad things about the student blogging challenge. The only couple reasons that blogging could be bad is because when someone does not win it might make them feel bad. Also, kids and students might start being a bit obsessed with the computer. That’s is! Thank you everyone who made the student blogging challenge possible. You Rock!


Evaluation Time

For the week 10 challenge my awesome friend and colleague Ilaria is going to evaluate my blog!

Q. What were your first impressions of my blog?

A. That it would be bright with a lot of pink and a picture in the background.

Q. What captured your attention?

A. The pink and all of the pictures.

Q. What distracted you from my blog?

A. The pink and the dog named Bo at the bottom.

Q. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

A. Just to change the theme so that people could see the full post

Thank You Ilaria!

Around The World

For the week 9 challenge, he had to go on other people’s blogs with one little trick: it had to be by links in the sidebar. When I was traveling “around the world” I noticed many different things on many different blogs. Some were o.k. and others just amazing. A few blogs that really stood out to me (which includes the links on the side) were: Ashley’s blog, Lots of Love’s blog, and Mohana’s blog.

Learning Something New

For the week 8 challenge, we are supposed to talk about something that we learned outside of school. One thing that I definitely remember that I learned at camp was to never to pick up a sleeping squirrel. You see, when  someone normal in your group sees a squirrel, they comment on how cute it is. But when you have someone who doesn’t care what some animals can do to you, you are hoping in your head that they don’t see it. But when you hear ” Whoa! Look at that squirrel. It is sleeping!“, you bet your friend five bucks that he will come back with rabies.

When my friend picked up the sleeping squirrel, it was calm at first but then, it got nasty. The sleeping animal jumped out of his hands and was about an inch from clawing his eye out. This taught me a very valuable message. Never touch something that has a chance of very badly hurting you. (including my sister):-). I love you Natasha!